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Historic Tallinn is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Like stepping into a fairy Tallinn’s old town is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and beautiful medieval buildings. The old town is divided into two areas upper and lower and each has its own distinctive atmosphere.

The Upper Town

Let’s begin in the quieter and grander upper town. Built on Toompea Hill, this area is regarded as the birthplace of Tallinn. Here you will find one of Estonia’s most important buildings Toompea Castle. This monumental structure was built in the 15th century and is today home to the Estonian government.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Just opposite to me a castle is another of Tallinn stunning landmarks, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Built in 1900, this Russian orthodox cathedral was intended as a symbol of soviet power over Estonia. If you have the opportunity step inside to observe the lavish interior of mosaics and gold. Contrasting the sumptuous splendor of the Alexander Nevsky is the gothic St. Mary’s Cathedral also known as dome Church. The Cathedral was established after the Danes invaded in the 13th century making it the oldest church in Tallinn.

The Lowertown

Descending into the Lowertown, you will notice it has quite a different atmosphere to the upper section. Its tangle of streets bustles with bars, craft shops, and street traders offering local specialties. One of the most picturesque streets here is Cinque Catherine’s passage which is lined with charming craft workshops. Here you can observe artists at work as they produce all kinds of goods such as glass, jewelry, and ceramics. You may even be tempted to pick up the memento of your visit.

Town Hall Square

The true heart of Tallinn is Town Hall square which has been the focal point of the city for over a thousand years the perfect place to relax in a cafe and soak up the atmosphere of this captivating City. Heading out of the old town, you will see that Tallinn is actually a city of contrasts as medieval buildings and cobblestones make way for a thriving modern city. On the outskirts of town is the song festival ground a site of huge importance for Estonians. Every five years thousands gather here to celebrate Estonian independence with a song festival. Tallinn is one of the Baltics most beautiful cities, whether you decide to explore the enchanting streets of the old town or see a little more of Estonia we hope you have a fantastic day ashore.